2017 CRAOA Spring Business Meeting

Monday , March 27.  6:30 PM.

Grant Wood AEA.


Meeting was called to order by Ron Van Hoeck at 6:30 pm.


Minutes from November 7, 2016, meeting approval: motion made by Ron Becker to approved and seconded by Sonny Deke.  Motion Carried.


President’s Report.  Ron talked about the state of the Association – good shape.


Financial report by Chris Heidelbauer was presented.

Motion to approve by Doug Yanecek, seconded by John Dvorak.  Motion Carried.


The board has authorized Chris to change banks to Hills Bank and Trust.  Linn Area Credit Union has restrictive hours and availability. This is already completed. Ron Peiffer has been added as a co-signer, per Board direction.  Ron has multiple years remaining on his board rotation.


Chris said basketball season went well.

·       Only weather problems, but were all handled well.

·       Five games cancelled without notice.

·       A lot of game substitutions, but no major problems. All games were covered.

·       Expect more school to go to 3-man basketball

·       24 members worked state tournament, including finals.


Social is July 29, 2017.  Cedar Rapids Kernels game as in recent years.


New Business.

·       Need to recruit new officials. There are several people interested already.

·       Fun with rules was discussed.  This was a great success for Basketball.  Looing to create something similar for Football.  The intention is to keep people thinking and talking about rules and situations.


Applying officials were presented by Chris Heidelbauer on behalf of Joel Duffy, who was absent.


·       Step I to Step II

o   Motion was offered by Dan Hilby to promote Travis Thorson, Lis Skotowski, Phil Cottrell, Jacob Waddle, Chandler Heisler, Mitch Wagner, and Charlie Murphy.  Seconded by Dave Baker.  Motion Carried.

·       Step II to full membership

o   After discussion, a motion was offered by Kim Patik to promote Bill Keel, Kevin Klosterman, Steve Rucker, Richard Spier to Step II.  Seconded by Matt Friday.  Motion Carried.

o   After additional discussion, no motion was offered regarding promotion of Kent Possehl and Steve Wagner.

·       Transfer

o   Motion by Terry Schneekloth to grant Sam Barrett full membership, seconded by Mark Borchardt.  Motion Carried.


Good of Association:

·       Larry Walderbach stated CRAOA Officials were the best out of all the officials he had the opportunity to see while watching basketball at Anamosa Schools this season.

·       Dan Hilby is retiring from football.  He has requested Honorary Membership status.

o   Motion by Chris Heidelbauer, seconded by Dave Baker.


Action to Chris Heidelbauer to follow-up: check members for games and start time on junior high games.


Motion to adjourn by Kim Patik, seconded by Sonny Deke.  Motion Carried.