1. A minimum of eighteen years of age.

  2. Meet the requirements of the IHSAA and/or IGHSAU to become a lisenced football and/or basketball official in Iowa.
    These requirements include annual registration and fee payment, passage of annual rules exams, and completion of a state-sponsored online meeting. More details can be found at http://www.iahsaa.org and http://www.ighsau.org.
  3. Attend a minimum of six (6) local rules meetings per sport.
    NOTE: Girls basketball rules meetings do count as a meeting for this association.

  4. New and probationary status officials will be required to attend the two officiating mechanics sessions scheduled for football and /or the two scheduled for basketball. At least two scrimmage basketball floor mechanics sessions will be required of all new and probationary basketball officials.

  5. Officiate six (6) or more games per season per sport.

  6. Apply in writing, to the Executive Secretary, for membership per given sport.
    All applicants are reviewed and voted upon by the active members at the fall (football applicants) and spring (basketball applicants) meeting.

  7. Pay the association dues of $30.00 for one sport and $10.00 for each additional sport at the first meeting.

  8. It should be noted that the work of applying officials will be rated, during the season, by this Association's active members.
    There is an evaluation committee established for this purpose. At the conclusion of the current season a committee appointed by the President of the Association will review the ratings and make recommendations to the active membership to vote "Approved" membership after the second year or Step II after the first year. All applicants will be notified of their status after the fail/spring meeting.

  9. As an official, you should not and cannot rely on the Association to procure officiating assignments for you.
    The C.R.A.O.A. does administer the Junior High and Junior Varsity schedules of the Metro public schools and in most all cases schedule a new official with an experienced man for such dates.


  1. Attend three (3) or more local rules meetings per applicable sport.

  2. Pass the applicable state supervised test(s).

  3. Pay the association dues by August 1, or $5.00 fine per month.

  4. Officiate a minimum of six (6) games per sport per season.

  5. Keep the Secretary accurately informed of your schedule.

  6. Fill out completely the membership info sheet.

  7. Be responsible for working games assigned. Find your own substitutes when needed. Exception... for Sophomore games and above please coordinate your substitutes with the Executive Secretary.